Saji Koduvath Associates

We came to internet, few months back.

Some of our friends point out that we are on ‘first page’ (Google Search) in a lot of subjects, like:

  • ‘Best Evidence Rule’,
  • ‘Customary Easements’,
  • ‘Constructive Res judicata’,
  • ‘Presumption and truth’,
  • ‘Collateral purpose’
  • ‘Order XI rule 14’,
  • ‘Order II rule 2 CPC’,
  • ‘Section 91 CPC’,
  • ‘Section 92 CPC’,
  • ‘Unregistered Documents’,
  • ‘Unstamped Documents’,
  • ‘Section 65B forms’
  • M Siddiq vs Mahant Suresh
  • What is trust in Indian law
  • Suit against trust
  • who can file suit on behalf of trust
  • Suit against society
  • Article 25, 26 of the Constitution
    • and so on.

We sincerely express our thanks to all who made us ‘outstanding’.

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