Right, Title and Interest, in Law

Saji Koduvath, Advocate, Kottayam.

Right, Title and Interest Constitute a Legal Triplet

Right, Title and Interest constitute a legal triplet.* It signifies ownership. It is used in drafting deeds of transfer to denote ‘anything and everything’ in a property.

  • * Like – ‘signed, sealed and delivered’; ‘rest, residue and remainder’; ‘if, as and when’.

Right, Title and Interest

  • ‘Right’ stands for ‘legal right’ in a property.
  • ‘Title’ bespeaks legal recognition of ‘ownership’ in a property.
  • ‘Interest’ manifests outcome of ownership with ‘right and title’, including enjoyment in all and whatsoever manner.

In short, each of the upshot of the triplet, ‘Right, Title and Interest’, enunciates same thing when used in property dealings, though they are not synonyms in language and in jurisprudence.

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